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Who is "Dudley"?

We haven’t a clue on this one, likely the original or later owner, and/or the designer/builder of the car.  The words, “Dudley Sportster” is engraved into two brass plaques found inside the step plates on each running board.  They appear worn from time and use.  Under the hood on the firewall is a metal tag with the marking of “3” which also appears aged and its meaning is also unknown to us.  If you know who Dudley is, please tell us!

Regarding the “Sportster” part of the “Dudley Sportster” name.  We  have never heard of a “Sportster” anything other than referring to a Harley motorcycle, perhaps it is a contraction and shortening of the term “Sport Roadster” into “Sportster” as this was a 1932 Plymouth Sport Roadster originally.   In other words, the name Sport Roadster pushed into one word (SportRoadster) and eliminating the “Road” part, thus making the new word contraction “Sportster.”

 Car Shows: The only car shows we know of that the Dudley Sportster attended are the ones we put the car in which is the 2007 & 2008 Good Guys Scottsdale Arizona and a small church parking lot show in Phoenix in 2006, 7, 8 at 7th Avenue and Bethany Home.  If you have seen this car or have photos from any other source, please let us know!

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the Dudley Sportster and if you have any knowledge about the history of this car before 2006, please contact us!  Thank you…