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"Dudley Sportster" #3

Sharknose Roadster
(Do You Know Anything About This 1940’s Sharknose Custom Car?)

This web site is dedicated to the mission of uncovering the history of this 1940’s custom built “Dudley Sportster” so that it may be returned to its original prewar 1940’s custom configuration.  If you know anything about the history of this car, recognize the origin of its parts or have any suggestions to assist us, please contact us.

We believe this car to be a fairly radical early 1940’s Southern California custom sharknose roadster starting with a rare 1932 Plymouth PB Business Roadster as a foundation.   In the 1940’s this car might have been a show car, a boulevard cruiser, a street job, but not likely a hot rod.  The brass engraved running board step plates plaques read, “Dudley Sportster” leaving us a clue to its heritage, and a “3” metal tag mounted on the car under the hood.

The previous owner was told this car was once featured in a book somewhere, but we can’t find it.  Maybe you can identify the customizer, perhaps you know some its history or owners, or just recognize it.  (Car dealer Hyman Limited Classic Cars of St. Louis sold the car to the man I purchased it from in 2004, but no help there.  I found and bought the car from a Jan. 2006 Hemmings Motor News.)  Nelda O. Hammond of Scranton Pennsylvania owned the car for around 30 years, we think, with the car being from the Long Beach, California area.  We need to find the owners of this car to gain insight into its history. We cannot find Nelda O. Hammond and we don’t know its owners before her either.


Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


    *Who built this car, when, where?

    *Any history on car before 2006, or names of its owners?

    *Any photos, documentation or articles?

    *Do you recognize the model/ year of any of its parts?

    *Who is “Dudley” as named on the running boards?

If you know anything about this cars identity, please contact us!

                Mark Hopper:

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